Monday, July 23

New Blog is Live

Set your "Favorites" now, my new blog is live. The addy is

Come on over and leave a message for me. :)

Friday, July 20

What Mystical Creature Is In Your Soul?

There's a Dragon in your soul. You are very wise and like to give people advice. You mostly feel like you are misunderstood and don't like a lot of people around you. 2 or 3 friends are enough. You can be very emotional but because of your intelligence you have the power to go on and find a solution. You are wise, but nobody can solve all problems alone, so don't turn away from everybody and ask for help sometimes too. That way, problems will be much easier to solve.

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Thursday, July 19

It's Done!

Good news - Highland Magic is now finished and with my editor. I'm so happy to have finally finished that book. I've been writing that series for several years now, so it seems kinda odd that I won't be visiting those characters again. :(

I also just got a glimpse of my new WordPress design. Its awesome! I hope to have it finished and implimented within the next couple of weeks. And don't worry, the new addy will be posted here when I move over.

I'm finishing up packing for our family trip to Colorado. We leave tomorrow and will be gone 10 days. I will check on the blog when I can. Its our first big family a car...with our dog. Yes, we're bringing Tink. We really had no other choice.

She went all depressed on hubby when I left for Dallas. Since I was gone nine days, she really thought I left her. She wouldn't eat, didn't play, wouldn't get up or anything. So, we knew there was no way we could board her for our trip. After a few phone calls to the hotel and attractions we're headed to, we discovered that Tink could come everywhere with us. And the few places we're going that has rides have a place we can put her for that time.

So, of course, Tink had to have a new shirt for the trip. Yes, I'm one of those crazy women that buys her pet clothes. :D Its really cute, too.

Ok. Must go pack some more!

Wednesday, July 18

Want some Knights?

While in Dallas, I went to Medieval Times (check out the website! check out the website!) with some friends. Despite the fact I live in Texas, this was my first time to go. And I'm so very glad I did. It was a blast! I'm already planning on taking the hubby and kids. :)

If you've ever been to a Renaissance Festival, and love watching the jousting and the knights, you must get to a Medieval Times. Though the knights do joust, there is so much more to it. It was a show, and what a show they put on! They even had a falcon. I'd have taken a picture, but I was afraid to disturb the bird as he flew around the arena. If only I'd been able to have him land on my arm. ::sigh::

Anyway, I've got a few pictures up of my time at Medieval Times. You can find them Here. I have more pictures coming from friends, but for now, go check out the knights!

Tuesday, July 17

Friday, July 13

Hello From Dallas!

Hi, everyone!

Sorry I haven't been blogging, but between no internet service and my schedule, I've been hindered. :) I feel lost without talking to you all during the week, so I hope you'll forgive my absence.

The conference has been great. The book signing was TERRIFIC!!!! Thanks to all the readers who came out and supported me. Its so appreciated. I've taken a few pictures, but mostly I'm having people email me copies, and once I get everything together I'll get them up.

I'm still waiting on the cover for A Dark Seduction, which should come any day. I'm also finishing up my revisions on Highland Magic, Frang's story and the last book in the Druid's Glen series.

One of the perks about being at RWA is meeting all the writers. Even for me, I love meeting authors who's books I love. I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful, sweet, talented NY Times bestselling author, and if you haven't read any of Shana Abe's books, run right now to the book store and get ALL of them. They are brilliant and captivating books. I just know you'll love her and her stories as much as I do.

Friday, July 6

What Kind of Witch Are You?

You are a Animal Witch. You are sweet, loving, caring and you love the peace of animals. The love you too.
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Character Interview Contest Winner

Thank you to everyone who played along this week. Go ahead and mark your calendars for July 31 - August 3rd when I'll interview Cole from the Shields.

Now, on to the winner for this week, who wins four great books!

Congratulations to...Rita! Congratulations, sweetie! Just send me an email with your address and I'll get the books out for you.

Thanks again to everyone. I hope you had a great time and Gregor interested you. :)

Have a great weekend!